Having Excel Spreadsheet troubles?
Have you called That Spreadsheet Guy yet?

That Spreadsheet Guy aims to assist small to medium sized businesses operate more efficiently by creating customised spreadsheet solutions to help complete your required tasks in the simplest, most time and effort efficient way possible without compromising on accuracy or functionality. These solutions might include:

  • Scripting of repetitive tasks
  • Performing complex calculations automatically
  • Creating dynamic and meaningful charts and graphs
  • Automatic cross checking and error identification
  • Designing custom data entry forms and tables
  • Integrating user-friendly filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Anything else which will help you get your job done!
These capabilities can be applied to a wide range of business functions such as quoting, invoicing, rostering, payroll, budgeting, forecasting, record keeping or KPI tracking and can be utilised in nearly any industry you could care to name. I also take pride in adding value to your project from beginning to end.

I am more than happy to assist you with anything from the smallest tweaks to your existing spreadsheets to fully customised utilities, all with fixed price quotes and prompt completion. Discounts are available for Charities and Not For Profit organisations as a small thank-you for all the great work you do.

So if saving time and money along with improving outputs and accuracy sounds like something you could use in your business, why don’t you get a step ahead and call or email That Spreadsheet Guy today!