About Me


My background is predominantly related to real estate valuations and analysis, having previously worked for both the largest independent valuation firm and the third largest fund manager in Australia, providing me with direct exposure to and guidance in individual transactions worth up to $600million each. It was in these roles which required many hundreds or thousands of complex financial calculations at a time to be performed, that I learnt how to utilise spreadsheets to ensure these were carried out efficiently, accurately and consistently. During these transactions, when time is always of the essence, with contractual deadlines needing to be met and many hundreds of thousands of dollars of due diligence costs and hundreds of hours of work lost if they were not, I learnt the importance of always delivering on time. I continue to deliver my projects on time and with the aim of saving you as much time as possible so you can too.

These roles also required me to manipulate significant amounts of regularly updating raw data into various charts and tables, which led me to developing skills in macros and scripting to automate these repetitive tasks providing significant savings in time and more consistent outputs than when undertaken manually, features which I utilise in my projects wherever possible.

I am also a Director and Vice Chairperson of a Not For Profit organisation providing housing, employment and support for people with a range of mental illnesses, employing approximately 50 staff in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Apart from the rewarding nature of being involved in an organisation such as this, it has also provided me with valuable insights into the operations and requirements of small to medium sized businesses which greatly assists me in understanding your needs and delivering solutions to meet or exceed them.


My aim with That Spreadsheet Guy is to assist predominantly small to medium sized businesses better utilise Microsoft Excel in their operations allowing them to capitalise on the time and money saving opportunities which well designed and implemented spreadsheets can offer. Designing and creating these spreadsheets is something I very much enjoy, allowing me to bring passion and enthusiasm to each and every project, producing outstanding results.

Why Choose Me?

Have you ever needed something done in life and your friend or colleague has suggested you call that landscaping guy, or email that computer guy? Well when you need something done with spreadsheets, I’m that guy, That Spreadsheet Guy to be exact! Everyone has those things in their life they are just good at, and for me that thing is spreadsheets, making spreadsheets is what I do best, particularly when it comes to making life easier for myself or whoever is using the spreadsheet! With That Spreadsheet Guy, I combine my skills in the creation of spreadsheets with my ability to understand your requirements to add value for your business by creating a tool which enables you or your employees to complete tasks in the most efficient manner. Click here to see more details of the “Value Add” I can bring to your project.