Value Add

A major part of the service I provide with That Spreadsheet Guy is “Value Add”, being the benefits I can bring to your project apart from my Excel skills, starting even before I provide a quote. I take pride in not just providing assistance with the technical side of spreadsheets, but putting myself in your shoes to ensure we achieve the best outcome for your business together.


Prior to quoting on any project, I will have a discussion with you (over the phone or via email) to understand what your goal is and what concepts for the spreadsheet you have. I will then provide my suggestions/comments as to based on my experience whether I think a spreadsheet will be able to achieve these goals. If I don’t think a spreadsheet is the best way to go I won’t hesitate in suggesting an alternative that will provide the best outcome for your business, even if it means less business for me!

If I do believe a spreadsheet is the best way to achieve your goals, but I think there may be a better way to achieve them than you had conceptualised, I will provide these suggestions and explain why I believe you should approach it differently. You may wish to continue with your original concept and in these cases I am more than happy to continue on this basis.

Once I have come to an understanding of the purpose of and outcomes required from the spreadsheet and we have a concept of how this will be achieved, I will provide a fixed price quote including a brief scope of work outlining the key functions and attributes required. This allows both of us to be clear from the outset as to what the finalised product will need to achieve.


Throughout the process of creating the spreadsheet  I continue to look at the most efficient way to achieve your goals, and if I happen to think of a better concept for the project I will  contact you to discuss it, and then if you agree with the change of approach, implement these ideas, even if it means changing the work that I had already completed. My goal is to provide you with the best outcome possible and if that means some extra work for me along the way, then so be it.


I will contact you 1, 3 and 6 months after the project has been completed (unless you tell me otherwise) to ensure the spreadsheet continues to achieve its goals and to discuss if during your use of it you have discovered any tweaks which need to be made, or any additional functionality required which would enhance it’s value to your business.

To see what value I can bring to your project please don’t hesitate to call or email That Spreadsheet Guy today!